If you watch TV, go to the movies, or listen to the radio, you already know Jill Colucci.......

Jill has made her mark on Country Radio as a songwriter with hit songs such as Song of the Year "No One Else On Earth" by Wynonna Judd and #1 Award winning songs "I’m Gonna Be Somebody" and "Anymore" by Travis Tritt.  Jill's songs have sold over 20 million records worldwide!  Jill received her first gold records with Anne Murray and Gloria Loring. Other artists who have recorded her songs include: Lacy J. Dalton, Michelle Wright, Richard Carpenter, Kennedy Rose, Larry Stewart, Mark Beeson, Andy Childs and Akina Nakamori.  

Her slightly raspy singing voice has been sought out by major film studios, television producers and national commercial producers. She is the songwriter and vocalist for ABC's "America’s Funniest Home Videos" theme song entitled "The Funny Things You Do".  For three consecutive years, she sang ABC’s network theme song "Something's Happening Here on ABC". She performed Kenny Loggin's "Celebrate Me Home" for the Disney Channel’s network theme. Her national TV and radio commercials include Toyota, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Coors Beer, Burger King, Oldsmobile, Taco Bell, Chevrolet, Glidden Paint, and many more.

Jill has been lead vocalist for numerous feature films including Julia Robert's first film Mystic Pizza, Where The Boys Are, Taps, All The Right Moves and White Water Summer. She wrote the song "Paradise", which was featured in White Water Summer and Little Nikita.

Jill travels around the world singing and performing her songs.  Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, house concerts and churches are among her favorite venues. She also enjoys speaking at workshops and special events.   

Although Jill has enjoyed much commercial success, she has also experienced great loss.  She refers to this period in her life as, “The Lost Decade.”  During this time, her music changed, her heart was opened more fully, and her songs became the vehicles for her healing.  Her upcoming CD, which will be released in August, is an expression of her triumph over loss and the manifestation of her new path in life.    Jill is dedicating these songs to all those who have experienced any kind of loss in their lives, hoping once again to prove that music heals... and speaks... louder than words.


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