Jill signed and developed hit songwriter extraordinaire Catt Gravitt to her publishing company Colucci-Toons, Inc. in 1998 and published her for ten years. Catt has had songs recorded by Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jake Owens, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride, Trace Adkins, Craig Morgan, Eden’s Edge and Jana Kramer.   Jill has a keen eye and sharp ears for discovering gifted artists and enjoys helping them develop and grow... She has an intuitive style and knows what each student needs in order to get to the next level.   She'll guide you to work at developing your own expression of creativity.  Jill does not walk into your session with a 'one size fits all' approach.  She is interested in supporting you to find your own way and helps bring out the best in you.  She is aware that each artist is an individual and approaches her mentoring from that perspective.

Wynonna on Jill Colucci:                                                             
"Jill is my kind of songwriter! She has the guts to come straight out about her inner
feelings – something I find is hard to get from songwriters these days. ‘No One Else
On Earth’ gave me the sass I was looking for and it became one of my all time
favorite songs in the history of the universe. My ‘sister-friend’ Jill kicks the big
‘booty’. Go girl!"

Travis Tritt on Jill Colucci:
"Jill Colucci is one of the most gifted songwriters I have ever worked with. She has
tremendous flair for capturing deep heartfelt emotion in her lyrics and melodies.
That is what makes her stand out!"

Comments from her students:

.....I would rate our first experience as awesome. I know I'm still a little star struck but I think that I'd have to give this first one a 10. I think the most beneficial part of our time together would be your attentiveness to details. I know that one line can change a song but it has to be the right line or word that gets changed and it's obvious that you're in tune to what a song needs. I know I am too, but you've been doing it longer and at a higher level and so I trust your opinion. Everything we did was everything that I hoped to accomplish and our time together exceeded my expectations and got me excited already for my next trip down. It was just so nice to talk songwriting with someone that I respect and admire and who sees the potential in what I do. In a word, awesome.

- Harold Allen, New York

.....Working with Jill was some of the most productive and well spent time thus far in my career. I went into the session not really sure what to expect (other than being told by a friend that it was an opportunity I shouldn't pass up), and walked out with a new confidence and assurance about the quality of my writing. Where I was blocked, she helped me find ways to move past it; where I knew something was missing but wasn't sure what it could be, she helped me figure it out. Since the session, I have been able to pick up and work on some of the songs I'd put aside, all while trying to follow her advice regarding my tendency to over-edit myself.   I would highly reccomend that anyone who may need a little (or a lot) of guidance try to find a way and work with Jill. You will be thrilled that you did!

- Monica Lynn Passley

.....When I worked with Jill for the first time, she and I had never met before and came into the meeting in sort of a "blind date" way. I was so surprised (and grateful) at how calm and comfortable I felt immediately with her - she is such a warm and encouraging presence.  The first part of our session she spent asking me questions about my career thus far and my goals as a writer and artist, really getting to know who I was in order to best steer our sessions. This was extremely important to me as in this business there are thousands of us struggling to be really seen and really heard, and it was obvious that it was important to Jill to really get to know her clients. I found her tips on songwriting and critiques of lyrics to be smart, insightful and helpful. Challenging me when necessary as well as expressing enthusiasm over work I had done. Working with Jill has been so helpful and an extremely validating experience.

- Mary Scholz, Singer/Songwriter


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